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Charlene Edwards

During the ten years author and photographer Charlene Edwards dedicated to creating her award winning book, Voices From Vietnam, she journeyed to Vietnam three times and drove tens of thousands of miles throughout America and Canada. Voices of Vietnam was awarded the America’s Heroes Freedom Honor, the ForeWord Magazine and Benjamin Franklin book awards, the 2002 Photography Book of the Year from the American Authors Association, and the Gold Book Award for best photography book of 2004 from the Military Writers Association of America. Researcher, guest speaker, and explorer, Ms. Edwards has received honors from various veteran groups, and has been featured on numerous radio and television shows. She was the photo-coordinator for the twelve-hour Ace Award winning documentary, The Class of the 20th Century. Her work has appeared in many galleries, the New York Times, Daily News, Boston Globe, Manhattan Arts, Chicago Tribune, New York’s Museum of Natural History, and more than 50 photos have been used by American pop artist Peter Max.

Robin Moore

Born in 1925, Robin Moore’s career spans decades. It began in the 1940’s when he piloted aircraft over Germany during the closing days of World War II. After a career as a hotel executive he worked his way as a screen, play and song writer, movie producer, publisher, to what he is most known for -- a prolific writer of some eighty published books. Probably his most notable are The Green Berets and The French Connection. More recently he traveled to Afghanistan and produced the bestseller The Hunt for Bin Laden; and a few years later to Iraq for material for his book, Hunting Down Saddam. Since then, he has also completed The Singleton: Target Cuba a novel about Fidel Castro and biological warfare. Today, at the age of 81, Robin continues to write and is currently working on his memoirs and three other books.